Stop the “R” word

As a mother, I cringe when I hear the word retard.
It is said with such disdain and yet so casually, so openly, as though inoffensive.
It used to be a clinical description.

Now it is an insult.

It breaks my heart to think my daughter and others will hear the word which describes her limitations as an insult. THAT is a tremendous insult to the intellectually disabled. A high school senior in my area says it well at the link below.
“In such an era of political correctness, why is it that the word “retard” is still ok?” -Soeren Palumbo
High School Senior


4 thoughts on “Stop the “R” word

  1. Hi!

    As a woman who works with and devotes her life to mentally/physically handicapped children I dispise the “r” word. I have taught all my nieces and nephews and my parents that that word is unacceptable!! It is an insult and seems to deminish the specialness of these beautiful human beings. I have taken my kids I work with out in public and heard that word and it takes EVERYTHING in me not to jump down these ignorant people’s throats.

    Kudos to Soeren for understanding the disrespect and disdain the “r” word involves.

  2. The “r” word is unacceptable ! It needs to be thought as the N word or F word. this word needs to be weeded out of peoples vocabulary.

  3. I have never liked the “r” word, and then when my son became disabled, I absolutely despise it! Even the nurse that comes and sits with him uses it!! I have tried (and failed) to get her to understand how belittling that word is, but she just doesn’t seem to get it. It is a shame how much ignorance abounds in our world!

    • Oh Robin, I SO agree with you! I have even spoken to kids in the neighborhood to enlighten them. I do it diplomatically, realizing they probably don’t care what I think anyway, but the ignorance of which you speak can only be overcome with education and love, in my opinion. I’ll reply to the question you sent me later today.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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