G-Tube Cooking 01-05-2009

G-Tubes and Lubrication of Syringe

Recipes for Blended G-Tube Meals This link goes to recipes, food storing, and feeding tips.

G-Tube Channel Care and Preservation

G-Tube Site Care and Maintenance

G-Tube Schedule and Mechanics of Use

Unclogging G-Tubes and Extension Tubes

Another way to get rid of a clog

G-Tube Syringe and Extension Tube Cleaning

Blender Care and Cleaning


2 thoughts on “G-tubes

  1. My Mom and I are feeding my 71yr old Dad through a G Tube. Would any of your blended meals work for him. The doctors have him on Glycerna which is so high in fructose we are concerned. He is still very active but just is not able to swallow. Thanks for your time.
    Stephanie Field

    • Hi Stephanie, I cannot imagine a reason you could NOT feed him blended meals, if he was able to eat everything before the swallowing issues started. If there are any other health concerns that might restrict his diet, I’d check with his doctor, but in my non-professional opinion, it seems like a good idea to try giving your dad blended meals. He’ll probably feel better than having all that formula. Let me know how it goes! Lynn

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