G-Tube Blended Meals – Storage Containers

After years of trying many containers, I have found these work best:

Daily Meal Storage

Pyrex 11 cup rectangle. VERY hard to break (haven’t broken one yet unlike every other container type I’ve tried), replacement lids can be purchased from the company, Easy to clean (dishwasher!)  Freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe. www.pyrex.com  Depending on the quantity fed at each meal, holds approximately one day’s food.






Single Meal Storage

Found at Container Store as Klip-It containers. www.containerstore.com in the kitchen area. Also found at www.sistemaplastics.com  These are great because of the seal in the lid and the clips on the side, which make it ALMOST spill-proof. I purchase the 1 liter size.  Can be frozen, but then don’t drop them on your ceramic floor like I did.






Single Meal Storage for Travel

Quart size zip-loc freezer bags. For travel! Fill with only  enough for a single feeding.  Freeze flat, stacked on top of each other (makes packing them in the cooler easy).  Thawing one is easy and quick. Then feed, throw away the bag and move on! When I’m on the road I take along a 4 cup container, like a large yogurt container, to set the bag in during feeding. 






Cooler for Travel

This is the best thing ever!  Multiple outside compartments, telescoping handle, wheels, one large cooler compartment, additional compartment above it.  Purchased at http://keepyourcooler.com It is the Deluxe Outdoor Rolling Cooler Bag. Not too big, not too small.  Makes outings easier without back strain! 



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