Unique conversations

In the midst of raising a child with special needs, we become involved in lots of fascinating conversations.  The two below happened with our very own child w/sn.
Our LMN (Little Miss En)  is an auditory learner – she picks up EVERYTHING she hears.  This has its good points.  Since she cannot read more than 20 – 25 words yet, being able to learn through listening is of great value.
It also has its bad points.  Whatever she hears on tv, radio or  in adult conversations goes into her brain and stays there.  Forever.
Like the time we were at a friend’s home.  She was inside playing with the children and I was on the deck conversing in a dignified manner with other adults. Whodathunk.  Enough time had elapsed to really relax and enjoy myself when En came out dressed up for some occasion I couldn’t quite identify.  She threw her arms in the air and declared, “I have a prostate!”  
Not many things are as good as a great laugh!
Well tomorrow she normally has “horse therapy”.  She rides a horse for 30 minutes and then has 30 minutes of occupational therapy.  She absolutely totally and completely adores horses.  Nothing could possibly make her happier than owning a horse, but that is not to be. In the past she has asked why we cannot keep a horse in our garage for her.  You can see she has lots of thinking going on and a lot to say about what she thinks. 
When she is frustrated she uses conversation (also known as yelling) to get through the frustration and continue with life. She is quite expressive at these times. 
When I told her horse therapy was canceled for tomorrow because the therapist is sick, she seemed to take it in stride. 
Not so.  
Within three minutes, she moved into one of her trademark rants, saying “Fine! I’ll show them!  I don’t need them!  That horse place is not a good horse place for me and I’m not going there anymore!  That horse place is boring! It’s over!”  
Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp to her room.  
Then she picked up her toy cell phone to “contact” the 9 year old boy who is her best friend: David.  She issued many directives to him, including “David, you go out there and tell them I am not going to stand for this!  If this is how they are going to be, forget it!  We will move their horses and their states and they will not be in our country anymore!  We will not stand for this foul corruption! They will not be the horse “ferapy” place of the United States anymore!” 
And sure enough, the words have done their job.  Frustration has abated. 
All is right with the world.  She is on the treadmill now, happy as a clam.

One thought on “Unique conversations

  1. I remember the first story miss. lynn it was at our house! I was talking about it a little bit ago when I remembered that time! That was so funny!

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