Other G-Tube and Feeding Pointers

Little Miss has been fed for 9 years by g-tube.  The medical community of doctors and nurses really did not give good instruction at that time. Here are some things I’ve discovered along the way:

  • Clean and rinse tubes and syringes immediately after feeding is completed.  Keeping tubes and syringes wet hastens their deterioration.
  • Store clean tubes and syringes on a clean cloth in a cabinet.  Light hastens deterioration of the plastic used to make the tubes and syringes.
  • When blended meals are refrigerated, they generally thicken.  This is especially true of the protein-based formula.  Thick formula is very difficult to push through the tubing into the tummy.
    • I warm food in the microwave until consistency is free flowing.  Stir well to eliminate hot spots.  Feeding will be easy now!
  • When making blended meals, consider adding highly nutritious foods and herbs.  I add fresh oregano as it is thought to be a natural antibiotic.  I add parsley for its digestive benefits.  I add dill because I like the way it smells in the food when I am feeding her! The nutritional value of mushrooms is much higher than previously thought and I routinely add them to her food.
  • Also consider blending the food the rest of the family is eating and feeding that to your g-tube babe. Cheese doesn’t do well and neither do highly starched foods, in my experience.
  • Questions?  leave a comment.  I’d be happy to help in any way I can!

5 thoughts on “Other G-Tube and Feeding Pointers

  1. Very very good ideas!
    — wash and dry the tube and store in dark place; that keeps the syringe free flowing all day.
    — routinely microwave the refrigerated prepared dish prior to serving, stirring well first. Score! It goes down smoothly!

    Question: how long can you use an oiled syringe, lubricated the way you describe in your Tips, with olive oil? I hate throwing-out so much and want to start keeping my syringes for as long as possible. My DH gets impatient if the syringe is slow, or if we need to use too much force to plunge it down. Did you ever use a metal syringe? I thought I could re-use it for a long time … if I could only FIND ONE. Cheers!

    • HI Elaine! Thanks for visiting! I try to only use one syringe at a time – so I use it 4 times a day and I used it for as many days as I can. Once it is slow or too hard to push though I do throw it out. Here’s why: All of this life is hard enough without having it be unnecessarily difficult. It is not fun to throw out so much stuff, I know! Just think how much the hospitals throw away as they use a syringe only ONCE! So I pat myself on the back 😉 because I reuse many times.

  2. Hi~ I found one tip that has been incredibly helpful. If you do in fact need a little help cleaning extension tubes that aren’t so clean you can use the metallic colored pipe cleaners from the craft section. They arent’ fuzzy- but plastic-like and do a great job of getting into the tube. I’m now looking into pureed foods and I’m glad to have found your site.

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