Tea Party / Spa

I’m tired.  I cannot imagine why, but I’m tired.

After school, I took my darling daughter for a haircut.  We have a PERFECT person to cut her hair.  Mary is kind, gentle, patient, and above all RESPECTFUL AND CAREFUL of Little Miss’s sensitivities.  After all, scissors touching the back of the neck are reason enough to reach back there and maybe get the fingers cut along with the hair!

Now we are home.  Little Miss’s two favorite animals have mini-me’s to go with them.  Blue and Magenta from Blue’s Clues.  So a tea party with four furry friends is a perfect time for her! Fortunately, I don’t ever have bologna or hot dogs served to me, but Blue and Magenta and the mini-me’s seem to like them.  Today Little Miss thought the four dogs should all try mustard and ketchup with their snacks. Served without a hitch and with ice water, the perfect tea.

Someone moved.

Hot dog slices covered with ketchup and mustard flew toward the guests.  No-one escaped unstained, other than the hostess. Before I knew it, three of the dogs were in the bathroom sink getting “cleaned”.  You know how absorbent stuffed animals are?  Absorbent enough to drip three bath towels worth of water from the bathroom sink to the living room. The hostess is very proud that she has amended the mishap.

Right now I am grateful for hardwood floors. Carpeting would be another set of towels and cleaning solution.  The upholstery cleaner worked on the dogs.  Now the four friends are perched over the heat vent to dry out.  This has been more of a spa day than a tea party. Why have a mud bath when there is a ketchup/mustard bath available?

Blue, Magenta, and their mini-me's

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