Solar Plexus

Identifying the source of pain is a challenge with Little Miss. Describing the pain’s intensity and type is impossible.  This makes every  significant “ouch”  an interesting exploration and discovery process.  Recently Little Miss was complaining of bad pain – “scrinching pain that keeps getting worse and worse”  she said. 

So we began the search process. As I touched different parts of her, asking “does it hurt here?”  she moaned and said “no” until I touched her solar plexus.  You know the solar plexus, right?  That spot right below your breastbone where if you get punched it knocks your wind out.  Well she hadn’t been hit in the solar plexus but she was in pain. So we waited for a bit to see what would happen. After a while the pain receded, but I suspected this was not over.

Then she began crying again. Moaning and tossing and turning always makes my pulse increase.  I called the doctor’s office and left a message for the nurse, to ask what she thought. As we waited for the call, we had one light moment when Little Miss said, “Mom it hurts again in my solar system!” 

So I guess she is learning stuff in school! Oh, and it turned out to only be gas.


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