Personal Ponderings

Traveling Special Needs – Part 2 – She Goes on the Trip 06-19-2009

Hard Days (weeks) and then we go on…. 05-28-2009

Handling Discouragement 05-08-2009

Managing Fear in Medical Emergencies 05-07-2009

Have I Lost the Race? 04-16-2009

Fear:  Just Like Riding a Bicycle 04-09-2009

IEP: Satisfied and Grateful! 03-31-2009

Thinking Ahead 03-29-2009

Changing Gears 03-05-2009

Tea Party / Spa 02-03-2009

Encouragement and Inspiration 02-02-2009

“Mom, Are You Staying Here Now?” 02-01-2009

Whining or Grief? 01-30-2009

She Makes Stuff Up 01-28-09

Glad to be Away 01-26-09

Doctor/Hospital/Needles – Angry! 01-23-2009

Traveling and Special Needs – Part 1 – Leaving Little Miss at Home 01-22-09

Communication With the “Outside World” 01-13-2009

Doctor Appointment and Remembering 01-06-2009

IEPs – Individual Education Plans 01-05-2009

AAAaaarrrrrggggghhhh!  The Pain and Grief 12-26-08

Moments in Time 12-16-2008

OH! Not THIS Again! 12-16-2008

Balance? What’s That? 12-12-2008

Keeping a Diary – One Thing I Learned 12-10-2008

Adjusting to  the Journey 12-08-2008

Exhaustion and Vigilance 12-08-2008

Doctors and Case Managers 12-04-2008


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