Traveling and Special Needs – Part 1 – Leaving Little Miss at Home

As the primary caregiver of a child with chronic complex care (special needs SO doesn’t cover it) there are two kinds of travel that require extensive planning:  travel WITH the child and travel WITHOUT the child.

The 10 day period beginning yesterday is the latter.  I left my dear daughter at home with 2 of her brothers and her Dad.  Extensive planning required!!!!  Unfortunately I take care of my own needs last.  So here I am 1200 miles from home and I’m missing a couple of things.  Jacket, blow dryer, booklight.  I do not want to buy any of these, so I am doing without.  No big thing, but it does point out that I could be a bit more attentive to my own needs.  If I had the time.

Getting ready to leave Little Miss behind was a bit more complex.  The freezer in the garage is filled to the brim with the food she gets via g-tube 4 times a day.  Her clothes are all clean and arranged by outfit in her drawers. There are 6 laminated sheets detailing instructions for everything from daily schedule to recommendations for resolving difficulties.  After all, it really is okay if she goes to school in her jammies.

However, I didn’t leave a schedule of the 10 days!  So I have to call home and remind everyone that next Wednesday is a half-day at school!  I can’t possibly remember everything and that is okay.  I do not have to be perfect, just consistently adequate!  (If every parent were consistenly adequate, the world would be a different place!)

I’m enjoying my time away.  And I’ll be thrilled to see everyone when I get back home!  Can’t ask for more than that.



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