G-tube Recipe Using Your Dinner

The easiest way to make a blended g-tube fed meal for your “g-tuber” is to use the food you make for the rest of the family. A few adjustments are needed, of course, but it saves lots of prep time! Last night I made tostadas for the family. After dinner I used 3 of the dinner ingredients for a batch of g-tube food:

Taco meat, including onions and seasonings
chopped romaine lettuce
chopped tomatoes

Start by adding lettuce and tomatoes to blender. Add:
10 – 13 walnuts
a big handful of spinach
3 cups water

Blend thoroughly. Add taco meat – 2 cups – to blender. If too thick to blend, add more water, 1/2 cup at a time. If you add water, then add 1/4 c olive oil to keep the calorie count up.

Blend thoroughly. Open blender, scrape upper edges to make sure all little pieces get blended, and blend again.
Pour into storage container and refrigerate.

FYI – I do not use the shells or cheese because they tend to result in a glue-y texture that is difficult to push through the syringe.


2 thoughts on “G-tube Recipe Using Your Dinner

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting. I guess that’s why I didn’t put an “S” after the word “recipe”. You can do it with any meal, though. Just blend up the meat and veggies, add some nuts, leafy greens and there you go!

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