Little Miss came running out of school, sobbing!   Seated in the car she couldn’t catch her breath to tell me what had happened.  I caught a hand signal from staff that she had been in a time-out.  Ouch!  The other kids were outside playing! What infraction could have ended this way?!

Sometimes Little Miss gets all wound up and speeds through her work. When the teacher wisely redirects her to slow down, SOMETIMES the response is arms folded across the chest and a face that is turned away.  Oops!  Little Miss made a poor choice.  In all her excitement to go outside, she just could not settle down to do her journal without scribbling.  *sigh* 

As she squeaked words out between sobs,  I heard a litany of complaints about the teacher:

She  (sob hiccup )  hates me!     I  (sob) hate (sob)  her  (sob)  too! (sob sob)

She is ( sob hiccup)  so mean!     She is (sob) just a meany!

I  hate (sob) that  stupid(sob)  journal!   ( sob hiccup)  

I will not ever  (sob) do  that  (sob) stupid journal! 

I’ll do (sob) a fake (sob) one and (sob) give it to  her! 

She (sob) is too mean (sob) to teach us! (sob)

She should (sob) work at the (sob) high school!

She (sob) should teach TALL kids!  (sob ) ”

 I’m going to measure her height when she awakens this morning and see if she is “tall enough” for her teacher today.


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