One of our cell phones has gone missing. I’ve promised anonymity to the owner, but it wasn’t me, it wasn’t my husband, and my daughter doesn’t have a phone…. (maybe it’s that teenage boy in the house!)
Anyway, we have looked high and low. It was definitely lost at home. It’s been 10 days! Finally I conceded defeat and asked the cell company to suspend service on that phone.

Of course, the next day I found it. I took our dog Tulip out for a walk and saw this dark thing in the grass. Yes. It was the cell phone – frozen to the grass. Remarkably unharmed, all its functions are intact.

Fast forward to En’s speech therapy today. She is working on categorizing.

Therapist:  name 3 animals that could be pets in a home
En: Dog, horse, and….. ?

Therapist: name 3 creatures that live in the ocean
En: fish, shark, and goldfish

Therapist: name 3 things that grow in a garden
En: ummmm… grass, cellphones, and…..?


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