Fruit and Grain Recipe

There isn’t anything really magical about “formula”.  It is either a cows milk base, soy base, rice base, corn syrup base with vitamins and minerals added.  Definitely the easiest way to feed someone with a g-tube.  For my daughter I have found it is not the BEST way to feed her and not even the easiest. 

Yesterday I shared my protein and veggie recipe.  Today is the fruit and grain recipe.  I give this to her once a day.

1 – 2 cups whole plain yogurt*

2 whole bananas

10 large strawberries

2 t flax seed or 1 cup cooked oatmeal**

1 pear

any other fruit I have on hand – blueberries, grapes, watermelon, etc.

1 – 2 cups orange juice

This makes at least 2 feedings (in our case). Blend thoroughly and refrigerate or freeze what is not used for a feeding.   My husband and kids like this as a smoothie for breakfast!

*If there are no dairy issues for your g-tuber, this recipe is a good place to add 1 or 2 cups of plain yogurt.  Good calorie content, good healthy bacteria content, good calcium content. I do not use the yogurt because we all have lactose intolerance.  I crush calcium tablets and add those to the syringe of food.

** Note on flax seed.  It is highly nutritious! It is also fiber.  An adult should never have more than 2 Tablespoons a day of flax seed, according to what I’ve read.  (Not because of the fiber.) It MAY produce gas, so start out small – 1/2 teaspoon maybe – and increase gradually over time.  I have found that 2 teaspoons works well for Little Miss.


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