G-Tube Cooking

Gastrostomy tube. G-Tube.

Gastronomic delight.  Now, THAT means a yummy thing.  A g-tube is something a little different.  Little Miss is fed through one.  4 times a day, 20 – 30 minutes each time.  100% of her calories are delivered via g-tube.  I make the formula.  My super-duper blender would puree the contents of my garage, I’m sure.  However, I use it solely to feed my fam.  Especially Little Miss.  Spinach, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, almonds, roast chicken, etc.

I try to make 14 – 21 meals at a time… it is a major project.  Today is the day. We are down to 1/2 meal left in the refrig.  So I gotta get to work.  Went to the grocery store.  Now I have to drag it in the house, cook the meat, clean all the veggies and start making batches.

It is a noisy project.  Also can be a messy one.  I suppose it could be considered a gastronomic delight – it is certainly a life saver… Little Miss wouldn’t be so healthy without it!

Had I put a warming system beneath the ceramic floor I’d probably enjoy this more.

Think I’ll have a glass of wine during today’s project.   Cheers!



2 thoughts on “G-Tube Cooking

  1. Hi Lynn–

    Cheers to you!

    Professionally, I work with the health care system, mostly regarding seniors; educating families on dodging bullets and getting better care. I am constantly seeking resources, looking for “a better way” to do things and increasing my own knowledge. Families always have the best little “tricks” they use to make life better!

    Personally, my dad recently had a g-tube placed. Long story short, I am shocked at the lack of support and information he has been able to get from his professionals. He is far from an end of life situation and lives a very active life. He needs the tube for nurishment to maintain that active life. I can not get a nurse or nutritionist to provide him with information beyond Ensure to use for his tube. I have no reason to believe that your recipes and method of feeding wouldn’t be perfect for him as well. What is your feeling on that?

    • HI Mary! It does seem that there is a woeful situation when it comes to support, creativity and even common sense for g-tube feedings. I cannot speak to your father’s situation as I don’t know anything about it and I am not a doctor (there – got that disclaimer out of the way) but if he were able to eat it orally it seems like it would be fine through the g-tube. My daughter gets a WIDE variety of foods through her g-tube and does extremely well. She is SO MUCH healthier since we switched to real food.
      Kudos to you for standing up for your dad. Let me know how it goes if you think of it!

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