the laundry and the washer woman

My dear little En has a friend, David.  They are engaged and have been for over a year.  When David turned 9 he asked my En if she would marry him.  She said yes (without even consulting me!)

So this has been a staple of life – that En believes she’ll marry David some time, although she knows “we both have to have jobs first”. 

Today I took En to school an hour late.  (The daylight savings thing really goofed us up.) As we were going in to school, her “betrothed” was exiting the building with his father…. on the way to a doctor appointment.  His dad told me this story:

Their dryer is broken.  Dad’s been taking the laundry to a laundromat until the new dryer shows up.  At the laundromat,

David says: Dad, I hate laundry!

Dad: Yeah, but we all have to do it.

David:  Not me.  I hate laundry.

Dad:  Well, who will do your laundry for you when you are all grown up?

David (after pausing for a bit): Natalie!


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