“Mom, Are You Staying Here Now?”

Back in the swing of real life, I am fully conscious of the demands of my life.

I brought a puzzle home for Little Miss from my recent trip.  We have assembled it several times already.  We searched and searched for a missing piece 2 hours ago, to no avail.  Her exclamations, “That’s it!  This is hopeless!  Forget that puzzle!  I hate that puzzle!”  were heard for miles.  Okay, all over the house. Ah, the joys of parenting.

Little Miss is not able YET (I say hopefully) to smoothly and quickly adjust to disappointments. Catastrophize may not be a verb according to Merriam-Webster, but I’ve seen it done! She concludes the worst, heads for her room, shuts the door, and screams until she has transitioned to the new reality.

Sometimes I’d like to do that.

The day was saved when she  looked through her vast collection of storage containers.  As she searched in the puzzle containers, she found the missing piece!  Joy and gladness, merriment and singing!

An hour later, as we sat on the sofa together, out of the blue I heard the gentle and sweet words: “Mom, are you staying here now? You’re not going away again, are you?  You’re staying here with me, right? You’ll be here when I get off the bus after school?”

I love her. I love spending time with her. The unguarded expression of her feelings is a refreshing change from the common tendency of anyone over age two to mask and camouflage true feelings and wishes.

It is good to be home with my very special daughter.



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