G-tube Recipe From Your Family Dinner

The easiest way to make a blended g-tube fed meal for your “g-tuber” is to use the food you make for the rest of the family. A few adjustments are needed, of course, but it saves lots of prep time! Last night I made tostadas for the family. After dinner I used 3 of the dinner ingredients for a batch of g-tube food:

Taco meat, including onions and seasonings
chopped romaine lettuce
chopped tomatoes

Start by adding lettuce and tomatoes to blender. Add:
10 – 13 walnuts
a big handful of spinach
3 cups water

Blend thoroughly. Add taco meat – 2 cups – to blender. If too thick to blend, add more water, 1/2 cup at a time. If you add water, then add 1/4 c olive oil to keep the calorie count up.

Blend thoroughly. Open blender, scrape upper edges to make sure all little pieces get blended, and blend again.
Pour into storage container and refrigerate.

FYI – I do not use the shells or cheese because they tend to result in a glue-y texture that is difficult to push through the syringe.


This same technique can be used with any meat, salad, etc.


6 thoughts on “G-tube Recipe From Your Family Dinner

  1. Hi. I have a little guy, 3 years old. Until a week ago, we were giving him only Peptimen Jr G-tube formula. We have recently started to substitute milk, oils fruit juices, egg whites, yogurt and vegetable juices instead. He wasn’t doing well before, so we felt making his diet more natural would help. So far it has been a great success. I am not sure if he is getting enough calories though. My question is this: We want to start giving him other regular foods (meats, starches, etc), but we are not sure if it will go through his G-Tube. He has a Mickey button, and only liquids have been put through it. Can blended foods pass through a Mickey button? Do the food get pumped through the G-Tube feeding machine pump, or do we have to but big syringes to push it through? Are there any complications with doing this?Also, I am wondering if there is a recipe book with recipes, calories, and instruction for making these types of meals, is available? Sorry about all of the questions….I am new to this, and want to do the very best for my son. I live in a tiny small town where we don’t even have a paediatrician here (we travel to the closest city to see him). All the doctors recommend this chemical formula, but I want to take a more real and natural approach. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing the information that you have already shared, and for taking the time to help others with your experience. I appreciate it.

    • Yes absolutely blended foods can go through a mic-key button – that’s the kind of button my daughter has. The secret is in the blender. A Vita-Mix blender pulverizes the food. You can get a medical discount if you tell them you are using it for medical purposes to feed your child. There are lots of recipes, etc. on my site. I would also recommend, for more thorough information and details, to go to Mealtime Notions and order their book. Lots of people have found it helps them get started and feel assured they are doing it “right”.

  2. hi my name is jeanette i am reading and learning something new about the gtub my son had it for a last year of may of 20111 i trying to reseach study about feeding him food beside milk doctors these day really dont tell you so much about the g tub so we go t to take it to are self my son been though a lot he has also the digeorge he waite at birth 2 pound and three ounes

    • Hi Jeanette! Have you been on contact with Chromosome 22 Central via Facebook? My son has a 22 disorder and I’ve met a lot of moms with feeding challenges with our kids. Dietary issues can be extra complicated.

  3. lynn thank for sharing your story i going to ask the doctors about food for the gtub and bye the way to you know how much does the book coast cause my son dont eat bye mouth but only drink juice that about it thank you so much i going to check the recipes out today

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