Oh! Not THIS Again!

There have been so many health incidents in Little Miss’s life.  She is only 10 years old and I have lost count of the times she’s been under anesthesia!!  She’s been doing so well since her surgery in August of 2008, but I know not to count on the present good health lasting “forever”.

Yesterday was a day of breath-holding.  She’s had some  subtle but weird “symptoms” lately.  Awakening with pain in the middle of the night is always an unsettling one for me, complicated by her difficulty in identifying the location of the pain because of her sensory processing disorder.

Today is better.  She slept through the night (yeeha!) and had no pain this morning. Off to school!  The school day is more than half over and they haven’t called.

I did NOT sleep through the night, unfortunately. So now it is time for a deep breath in and an exhale.  I have this nasty habit of holding my breath.  Not particularly helpful since I want to be conscious!  I often don’t realize it until I exhale.

Deep breathing – not the chest lifting kind, but the stomach expanding kind – is so healing.  Sounds weird, or too simple, doesn’t it?  But just taking the time to do 10 slow deep breaths is relaxing and restorative.

Then I walk myself through the thoughts and the truth: I was scared.  Looked like another trip to the hospital might happen.  Right now she is fine.  I can and must relax and let go of the fear.

Easier said than done.  Breathing helps alot.



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