Glad to be Away

I’m currently on a 10 day trip WITHOUT any family members!  The 4 days before I left were filled with preparation and a countdown.  I was looking forward to a break from the never-ending demands.  Having two children still at home, the youngest of whom has special needs, and three “children” in their 20’s, I have a busy life at home.  Life is good.  Life is busy.

True to my expectations, the first 4 days here were very recuperative.  1,200 miles from home, helping a dear friend with her newborn and 2 older children, is a sweet time of  friendship. I am not as busy.  I am not making formula for g-tube feedings, not keeping people on track, checking homework, etc.  I get to bed earlier and can read at night without disturbing my husband.  No-one awakens me during the night.  I’m not on yellow alert, even as I sleep.

I miss it.  I didn’t think I would.  I wondered if I’d be ready to return.  I took 10 days instead of 7 because I wanted to milk the opportunity for all it is worth!  Get a substantial break from the demands at home.   But it is my life and I enjoy it.  It has value.  I like the sense of purpose.  Above all, I know it is a place where I belong and where love and hope reside along with all the other stuff.  I miss my family.

4 more days till I’m home.  Counting down again! 1-26-09


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