One Way To Make A Bicycle Work

my daughter has some issues with balance.

according to wii fit, so do I.  but I digress.

Little Miss is ten.   She loves riding horses and she loves riding bicycles.  A horse is fine because it has four feet – she doesn’t have to keep it upright.  A bicycle, as its name states, has two wheels.  That doesn’t work for Little Miss.  Steering and braking have been enough for her to manage.  Balancing is not in the cards.

We searched long and hard for a bigger bike with bigger training wheels for her, or a large tricycle.  No luck.

Enter Any one of any size can have training wheels for their bicycle!!  Big bikes need big training wheels. She still has a bicycle and it has big training wheels that keep her from tipping over!  I get to sit on the porch reading a book while she rides back and forth.

Not now though.  We need to wait for the snow to melt!

check out those training wheels!

check out those training wheels!


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