Before school starts again….

I know. School hasn’t even ended yet. But Little Miss will probably have a different teacher in the fall… one that is new to the school so she will not have even met the person yet. This always makes her hesitant and a bit fearful. Plus, I know that after a fun summer she will not want to go back in the fall. So I have to start planning things to help smooth the transition.

One thing I always work on scheduling is a couple of play dates with her favorite school buddies – we go sometime over the last 2 weeks of summer and meet at the school playground. We play and snack and laugh. We peek in the school windows and see if the principal is there. If she is we try to get in to say hi to her, and anyone else on staff that we can.

It isn’t much work and it really helps her. What do you do to help your wee one get back into the swing in fall?


One thought on “Before school starts again….

  1. I love the playdate idea! We didn’t really do this before since his preschool placement always changed from year to year, but that is a great suggestion for going from kindergarten to first grade.

    We use the calendar and social stories to prepare our son, plus start adjusting bedtime as needed ahead of time.

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