There Comes A Time In The Life of Every Man….

Every man lives aware he has limits. As a wife, sister of 3 men, mother of 3 sons, my keen discernment tells me men detest these limits. Second only to their anguish at having limits to begin with is the moment when their limits are visible for all to see. Hence the drive to win. 

Competition seems to be a battlefield men use to prove their limits are well, unlimited.  In the midst of competition they are surrounded by other guys. Admirable, strong, virile guys who succeed and each man’s confidence is boosted by association. 

Maybe this is why men like sports so much. Men bond, punch fists, high five and drip sweat happily on basketball courts, soccer fields, football fields. Wrestling. Hockey. NASCAR. Even when they lose they can claim manliness. They are powerful. Tough. Strong. Conquerors!

And they are not afraid to smell bad to prove it!! 

When guys compete with other guys, losing is almost enjoyable. Really!  They are more proud of themselves after getting slaughtered on the athletic battlefield than after fixing the faucet or cleaning the garage! I’m telling you, it is all about the sweat. The other guys had to sweat to defeat them, certainly that proves their virility????   The more their hockey gloves stink the happier they are! 

Guys doing sports together, win or lose, they can all be proud of themselves for their effort. Their sweat. Right?! 

Unless the “guys” defeating them are girls. Defeat at the hands of  small, cute girls who aren’t sweaty is the absolute worst defeat ever!  It’s enough to bring a man to tears. 



Beaten by a girl

Beaten by a girl


10 thoughts on “There Comes A Time In The Life of Every Man….

    • Ha ha ha! They were wrestling. With three older brothers Little Miss thinks she is as tough as they are so periodically they allow her to wrestle them into submission! Quite a feat. =D

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