Doctor/Hospital/Needles – Angry !

We made it through the doctor appointment.  That was the easy part.  Then we went to the hospital for 12 vials of blood to be drawn.  12. Twelve.

First the doctor.  She answered all my questions.  She will research my questions in greater depth.  Depo-Provera shots (eww) can start after Little Miss’s first menstrual period, which should be at least 2 years off.  I have to check into side effects because the doctor said there aren’t any?!?!?!   Riiiiight.

Then to the hospital for the 12 vials.  This is a children’s hospital.  How can they NOT KNOW that kids hate needles?  Why not AUTOMATICALLY spray the lidocaine on to numb the site?  Why not always be prepared to strap the child down to avoid lengthier trauma? I do not understand at all.

Every child left there crying.  I understand that.  They’ll cry because it was scary, or because it is over, or because it hurt.  But when kids are screaming for a long time in a procedure room while blood is being drawn, I wonder if available resources are being put to use.  (Obviously I hate hearing children cry.)

When I watch them drawing blood from Little Miss, I see that they do not know how to start well, how to come in prepared, how to distract, how to use calm voices, how to adjust their plan IN PROCESS as their first attempt collapses.   No music in the room, no video, no posters on the ceiling, nothing for the children to hold.  When I have to instruct them how to hold my child down, I know we are in trouble.  And when their ignorance means a second needle, I am furious.

They could make this so much easier.  I am angry that they don’t make the effort to do so!


2 thoughts on “Doctor/Hospital/Needles – Angry !

  1. when i was young i had a punctured lung.. i was in the hospital for about three weeks (most of which i do not remember). some of the bits i do remember is laying in a bed surrounded by doctors suddenly.. and the daily ritualistic needles. everyday the nurse would come in and stick a needle in the tip of my finger to take some samples. 12 vials might be a lot of vials.. but it isnt necessarily 12 needles.. or 21 needles.. or however many I happened to have been stuck with. your kid was lucky. It came to the point that as soon as i saw the nurse I would immediately begin crying… My only option was which finger I wanted it in.

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