IEP: Satisfied and Grateful!

Oh my oh my oh my.

90 minute IEP meeting. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

We met today, two days after Spring break. Since this was the triennial IEP ( when all domains are assessed and reviewed once every three years, reviews only in the other years) I requested the summaries prior to Spring break. (I honestly didn’t review them during Spring break. Dreams and delusions: I just can’t do everything!)

I reviewed the summaries this morning and made some quick notes. Dear Husband and I arrived 10 minutes early, waited 30 minutes for prior meeting to end. As we waited a harbinger walked out of that meeting, smiling!  The father of darling daughter’s best friend and “intended”! His happiness and the spring in his step were encouraging!

Little Miss has made gains in every category and this has been obvious to us all. Clearly discussing her challenges helped me see how they can further help her. I requested some specific sensory work relating to knowing where her body is in space. I requested a search for the best tool she can use since manual writing is so difficult for her.

Yes to everything! Without my asking, there is an increase in OT minutes per week.

I am not surprised. This school district and the staff at this school is just excellent. They are experts, truly. They are all very dedicated to the growth and learning of each student. Their expertise and mine work well together.

I am relieved. (There is always anxiety, even when all has gone well in the past.)
I am grateful.


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