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PedalingBackwards… I remember riding a bike as a kid and when I would push the pedal only slightly backwards it wouldn’t trigger the brakes.  I could coast in a relaxed way.

Then I got a 10-speed and pedaling backwards was more an expression of freedom and power! I could pedal up to a speed I liked and then coast and almost dance with my feet as I pedaled backwards, listening to that clicking sound. Very relaxing! 

Here in adult-land, I have found pedaling backwards is a survival skill.  I have 5 kids, one of whom requires chronic complex care. I have to slow down from my “get there now” approach to life and coast a lot more than I used to! 

So from time to time (daily), I have to be reminded to pedal backwards. To slow down, quit staring at the horizon, turn off my motor and enjoy the moments. PedalingBackwards is about enjoying the moments. 

It is also about g-tubes – everything g-tube! Feeding, unclogging, mixing, storing, washing, food, healing, etc.  Stop back often.  I usually post something somewhere on this blog every day.  Glad you’re here!  If I can help you in any way leave a comment, or email me at PedalingBackwards@gmail.com. 



Pedaling Backwards is about caregiving my child with chronic complex needs. I continue to learn about being the mother/advocate/planner who manages the care and well-being of my child. She is the youngest of 5 and, barring a miracle, will never live independent of supportive care. She is delightful, wonderful, funny, bossy, complex, and loving. Her health is unpredictable. Her daily care requirements are significant. En (N, short for Natalie) is 10 years old, delightful, loving, mostly happy, curious, and talkative. We have made dozens of trips to the hospital(s). 

Before I knew there was a problem with En’s well-being, I was zipping through life pretty quickly.  Now I’m on a bicycle which seems to have exactly two speeds, forward and backward. Just when I think we can start coasting, I have to brake. Pedaling backwards sometimes means slow down, and sometimes means actually losing ground on our journey. It is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Join me as I navigate the curves in the road,  the ongoing story of care.

About the Author: Lynn Rickert, former paramedic, former insurance investigator, published writer, is the mother of five children. She has experienced many ups and downs, learning and growing in various ways.  Contact with parents of complex kids has been a source of great comfort and strength. This blog is an attempt to provide that comfort and strength to others.  You can email Lynn at PedalingBackwards@gmail.com 

Lynn can also be found at EzineArticles.  Here are a few of Lynn’s likes:

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15 thoughts on “About PedalingBackwards

  1. Hello again Lynn – I am a mom of 3 boys and my youngest, Tim, is 23 and has been a gastrostomy tube user now for 3 years… I saw pictures of your daughter and she looks delightful. Let’s keep in touch. Pam

  2. Hi Lynn…
    I was so lucky today to have my friend send me a link to your blog. WOW is your blog perfect for me!! I am a blessed Mother of a 2 1/2yr old son w/Down Syndrome. Dillon happens to also have a GTube & I’m still geting used to this new “world”…it’s been a nerve racking journey, but yet it’s also been a life saver!! I’ve only been able to read a few parts of your story & I’m looking forward to reading so much more…THANK YOU so much for sharing so much with us! You have no idea how important it is to me to be able to find more info such as this…
    God Speed!

    • Hi Melissa, Thanks for visiting. This isn’t easy, but it is possible. Hang in there! If you ever have a specific question, don’t hesitate to ask it here, or send me an email at PedalingBackwards@gmail.com. I’m so happy to be of help to others. It is encouraging to me!

  3. Lynn,
    Thank you for your site! I have 3 boys the oldest is 25 and my baby is 3, Nickle is G-tube dependent and has been since his first birthday. Now that he is getting older we are encountering many more bumps in the road. I am learning as I go along there are many times when I need to just stop and look back. Nickolas has come along way he has been hospitalized 15 times in the past 3 years. You blog is great and helps me realize I am not the only mother going through this, being able to share bits and peices of my Nickle’s story and hearing how others are getting through is uplifting. Thank you and God Bless

    • Lisa, Thanks so much for visiting and sharing a bit of your story. There is no other life like this one, I think. Here’s one of my favorite quotes about it:
      “You’ve developed the strength of a draft horse while holding onto the delicacy of a daffodil … you are the mother, advocate and protector of a child with a disability.” -Lori Borgman

      God’s blessings to you…

  4. Hi Lynn, I am excited to explore your site more. My 14month old son Kai has a gtube due to weight loss and poor appetite caused by an inoperable brain tumor/chemo. I have always been a pretty ‘natural’ type mom, still breastfeeding and I made all his baby food myself before he was diagnosed. I have struggled a LOT with the g-tube and formula. I am now determined to switch over to a real food blended diet for him. we have started slow and in only a few weeks I am seeing a great difference in his digestion and overall well being. It is moms like you that give me the hope that there is a better way! Thanks for sharing your experiences and information. I look forward to following your site!
    if you’d like to know more about Kai’s story: keikikai.wordpress.com
    thanks, Kerri

    • Hi Kerri! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I will definitely visit your blog. Keep me posted on how you are doing with feeding Kai real food and be sure to email me with questions if you have any!

  5. Lynn,
    We have a 11 month old little one who has a G tube. For the past 24 hrs we have had issues with bubbles in the feeding pump bag and the lines. We have tried a new pump and new bag hoping for a solution with no success. Elecare is the current formula. Any thought or previous experiences with this? We have enjoyed your site with all its info, we are scheduled to start a blenderized diet in the upcoming weeks.

    • Hello Andrew,

      I have not had that experience (the bubbles) … however, since you have tried a new pump and new bag, you might want to try a new batch of formula. The bubbles will cause gas, probably, for your little one. Does your little one burp easily? If you had to guess a percentage of air bubbles to formula in the line, what would you say it is? If it is 10%, I wouldn’t be too worried. Is your sweet little one struggling with gas/tummy aches after being fed with this much air in the line?

      If it is 50%, then wow, that’s a lot of air. Really sounds like it might be the formula. Do you have a blender yet? If you do, you could dive in to blenderized meals. Grab some cooked meat, vegetables, olive oil, some cooked quinoa and go for it. It is just food. You don’t have to be perfect about it.

      And remember, if it isn’t much in the way of air bubbles, this isn’t an IV – it isn’t like a line into the bloodstream where bubbles are life threatening.

      I hope this helps. Let me know!

      • Lynn, Thank you so much for your kind response and advice on the blenderized diet. We think the bubbles may be caused by the formula as well. As for the bubbles, we vented the G tube with a bolus syringe to provide immediate relief. I have attached my bride on this email as well. Through our journey with our little one, we have had opportunities to meet and talk to wonderful people like yourself that we would not have had a chance to do so without our sweet baby Sloane. Thank you so much for your advice.


        Andrew Sent from my iPhone

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