Encouragement and Inspiration

As a parent raising a child with chronic complex care requirements, one difficulty is looking beyond the “can’ts”.  She can’t tie her own shoes, she can’t feed herself, she can’t.  The most visible example of employment of the disabled is at the grocery store.  Is that all I’m allowed to dream for my child? The question I’m afraid to ask:  “Could she even do that?”  and the necessary follow-up question:  Would she like it?

Well, my sweet daughter already has 5 careers chosen.  Teacher, doctor, horse trainer, and more.  I cannot squelch her dreams.  I don’t believe in dream killing.  Do unattainable dreams have value?  Well do you understand algebra? Trigonometry?  You may think you’ll never use it, and you might not.  But I tell my older kids, whatever you learn helps you understand the process of learning! So does dreaming impossible dreams help us find our best real dreams?

Here is some food for encouragement and inspiration:

One website belongs to Sarah Stup, a truly amazing writer who happens to have autism.http://www.sarahstup.com

The other website belongs to  Dylan Kuehl, an artist who has down syndrome.  www.dylankarts.com

Dylan and his mother’s story was featured in an article in EP Global Communications. The article is SO inspiring. While you’ll have to sign up, www.eparent.com/index.asp it is free and will give you access to an article you may want to print and keep!  http://www.eparent.com/main_channels_family_community/A_Business_to_Call_His_Own_The_Story_Behind_DK_Arts.asp

Dreams can be realized.

To quote Sarah Stup,
“When people decide to climb only a few steps
They can sit on a wish’s tail.”



One thought on “Encouragement and Inspiration

  1. Yay for those that keep promoting my wonderful life. Now I am the lead drummer in The Jackson Memory Band. Down syndrome ROCKS ! November 23, 2012

    Please accept this letter of introduction.

    My name is Terri Rose, and writing on behalf of my son, Dylan Kuehl, 29, who has Down syndrome. Dylan uses his clear, articulate and humorous speaking style in the USA and Internationally to advocate for himself and others with Down syndrome and other disabilities. He proves by example, that living life with Down syndrome is not the obstacle it is often perceived to be. He speaks about his choice to be self-employed and owner of DK Arts (est. 2005), winner of national and international art awards and published in various magazines including, Exceptional Parent Magazine. Visit http://www.dylankarts.com to learn about his art and business. Dylan also presents himself as a healthy, active and strong person with Down syndrome. He builds community-based “YES” team that help make dreams come true.

    One of these “YES” teams has been formed and Dylan is now the lead drummer in The Jackson Memory Band. His personal mission and that of the band is to Heal the World with Music and Dance. Our objectives are to advocate and bring awareness to the ABILITIES of people with disabilities.

    This band is unique beyond having a drummer with Down syndrome. Two musical families join with a splash of other youth and adult students and instructors from the Rhythm Fire School of Music, http://www.rhythmfireschool.com. Everyone from this school, including Dylan, is united by music and disability disappears.

    Michael Jackson music is rich in sound and very entertaining. Our band exemplifies diversity and provides a wonderful show of talent, passion, pride, confidence, inclusion and ABILITY.

    We are planning a 2013 Summer “Living the Dream…Heal the World Tour”, Including stops in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. We are looking for venues and sponsorship so we can show and tell what Dylan and his community is doing to advocate and bring positive awareness to the greatness and possibility for the lives of people with disabilities.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

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