The Job She Is Planning

En: So Dad, David has a job.
Dad: Really? Where does he work?
En: He works at the horse farm. He cleans out the stalls. He gets paid.
Dad: He gets paid? How much?
En: A lot!
Dad: How much does he get paid?
En: Five dollars a month
Dad: A month?
En: Yes, five dollars a month for all that hour. I get paid too.

Dad: What do you get paid for?
En: I get paid to hula hoop. I hula hoop to the door and back and I get paid for that. And I clean out the stall of the black and white horse. But that is all, and I’m not doing that anymore.
Dad: Why not?
En: Dad, cooommmeee oooonnnn. It is hard work and I can’t do all that. The big horses need to go first, the little horses need to go second. I just can’t do the big horses and the little horses. David does the little horses’ stalls and I do the big horses, the black and white horses’ stalls. I help him out when I can. But I’m done.

Dad: I have a job, why can’t you have a job?
En: I did 146 stalls.
Dad: What do you buy with your money?
En: Two black and white horses at WalMart. I buy 14 hundred and 6 horses a month.

Dad: Are you putting away any of that money for college?
En: No! I’m not going to college! I already go to school.

That’s her story and she’s sticking with it. And no, we don’t understand this any better than you do!


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