She Makes Stuff Up

Two more days until I get home.  I will be sad to leave my friend and her family, but next time we are together we’ll pick up right where we left off. Like always!

I’ll be so happy to see my fam.  Everyone there says all is well.  In fact, not even just well!  “Great!” is the descriptor that reverberates in my mind.  Great? Because I prepared so well? Left laminated instructions  hanging from the kitchen cabinets?  Everyone there is happy.  That bodes well for future trips!

I remind myself:  A great manager leaves things running smoothly in her absence.  True enough.  So why do I have this nagging suspicion that Little Miss will have many stories for me when I get back?  The what-went-wrong and who-did-what and poor-me stories.  I must remind myself that likely most of them will be fictitious.  After all that’s why we bought a t-shirt for Little Miss years ago that says



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