I’ll help you. Don’t go anywhere.

Just got back from the store, son and daughter in car.  Daughter always takes 4 stuffed animals and a backpack full of whatever along.  It takes her 10 times longer to get in the house than any other single person.  I hear here out there, in the garage, saying, “just grab my foot, I’ll pull you in”.  My assumption: she has dropped Magenta or one of the other dogs and is trying to get them to cooperate with her efforts.  This assumption made sense since I heard no other voices.   I heard her saying, “I can do this.  Just stay here.  I’ll help you.  Don’t go anywhere.  It’ll be okay. Okay, let’s try this. We’ll make it, don’t worry.” Then she said, “Just grab my foot, I’ll pull you in.”  I had to go look! 

My 13 year old son was face down on the garage floor.  Ever the drama king, I knew he was not hurt. His little sister, certain he needed her help, had used a snow shovel, paint can, and snow board to try to move him into the house.

Huh? She pushed him with the paint can, tried to lift him with the snow shovel, and tried to roll him into the house on the snowboard.  Her final attempt was the “just grab my foot” idea. She is just about as strong as a worm, so none of these things made any impact whatsoever on his position on the garage floor. 

So, she gives him love and laughter in addition to the other benefits and challenges of having a special sib. Life wouldn’t be half as good without her! 


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