New Symptoms. What to do.


Over the course of my daughter’s 14.5 year life, we have had new symptoms pop up every couple years. This year was no exception. She began fainting. It first happened on the beach at 8:00 in the morning. If it … Continue reading

Too Hot To Handle – updated


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Sometimes when feeding blended meals via g-tube, the food is actually too hot to put in the tummy!  Our mouths are our first line of defense, protecting our bodies from food that is too hot to eat.  But we still … Continue reading

COLD water

Do you notice when you prepare food how often the instructions say to start with a pan of cold water? Whether it is for boiling pasta, corn, rice, oatmeal, etc. the instructions invariably say to use cold water. I recommend using cold water in my recipes also.

Here is the reason:  “All” plumbing pipes can contain lead.  It is THOUGHT that HOT water pulls more of the lead from the pipes into the water.  Using cold water is THOUGHT to not pull lead from the pipes. However, I use my PUR water filter to avoid the issue altogether.  But don’t run hot water through a PUR – it ruins the filter.

So, although it would take less time to boil hot water, use cold, okay?