AFTER the Medical Appointment

As the parent of a child with special needs, our car knows the way to the local children’s hospital by itself. I honestly have NO idea how many times we have visited over the last 13 years, and I don’t want to.

One of my goals over the years has been to create a way to transition from the difficulty of medical appointments/procedures to happier time.  Some years this has been easier than others. We are lucky in that we live outside of Chicago and there are lots of options to choose from.  For a loooong time we went for a quick trip to the local zoo, which does not charge an entrance fee. The zoo is just a 5 block walk from the children’s hospital.

Other times, just having a book of family photos in the car has helped her make the transition. Other ideas include a tea party at home (water in a cup with Mom), looking at a favorite book, time alone with me in which we can both relax and see that we survived.

The actual event is not as important to her as the consistency.  When we always have something to look forward to, she focuses on that, making the actual medical appointment more tolerable and recovery quicker/easier.

time with mom

book / cd

Happy to leave the hospital!


tea party

visiting her favorite horse

when we don't have time for a real horse...


sometimes the only comfort is bed and dog

Happy time: my girl, at her big sis's wedding


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