Blending food for meals fed by g-tube, or n-g, or j-g….  Giving care to someone with chronic, complex needs has many facets.  Food is not the only part of that care. That is primarily what this blog has been about, and will continue to be about. But I’m concerned.  Am I overwhelming you with information on nutrition?  Am I making it too complex?  I want to serve you, not make life harder.

Is your “tubie” benefiting from blended meals? How do you know?  Have you made observations that tell you blended meals are helpful for your tubie?

Take a look back.  What do you remember about pre-blended meals?  What has changed since then?  It is a good practice to actually physically write down the positive impact of blended meals. As you go through this life – this life that is different than you thought it would be – take note of the good you have accomplished. It affirms your efforts, it gives you encouragement later – when you need it most.

Write it down. The improvement in skin color, the better bowel movements, the weight gain, the improvement in sleep, the disappearance of a rash, the mood improvement, the reduction in phlegm or cough or runny nose….  even if you don’t know WHAT the reason is for the change, write it down.  Enjoy it.


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