What is in Pediasure?

Over at Facebook’s Blenderized Food For Tubies, I read this:

“One of our members did some basic, scary math:
a child on 1000mL of pediasure a day will be subsisting on the following per month, and nothing more:
16 cups of corn syrup/sugar
7 cups of safflower, soy, and MCT oil
6 cups of isolated protein from milk
and a bunch of vitamin/mineral supplements”

Reason enough to move into blended meals?


4 thoughts on “What is in Pediasure?

  1. And why do doctors think this is the solution? My son is 10 mo old and pediasure is in our future if we don’t get on the bd! Scary!

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for the comment! SO TRUE!! If Pediasure were so great, wouldn’t the docs be feeding it to their own kids, necessary or not?!

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