In the world of chronic complex care, like tube-feeding, g-tubes, medications, etc., it can be hard to keep track of all the things we do in caring for another.  My special needs daughter has had multiple meds in her past, and is fed via g-tube four times a day.  Feeding her four times a day involves bolus feeds using a 60 cc syringe 9 times at 3 minutes intervals. I use my kitchen timer for this at home.  When I’m out and about I can use my cellphone or my watch.  There is an easier way to manage multiple timed events.

ITZBEEN, (as in “it’s been” 3 hours), seems like a great tool for keeping track of multiple tasks or events.  While the button labels on this handy item are labeled with graphics for diaper, feeding, and sleeping, there is a blank button for timing additional items.  Of course, you could always put stickers on the buttons to change their meaning. It has a display backlight, and a clip on the back to keep it handy. (I’m thinking clipping it inside a tote bag, purse, etc. would be helpful on the go.) The alarm feature is optional and can be muted.  Some brilliant engineer came up with this because it also has a button lock, preventing accidental reset of the buttons.  It uses 3 AAA batteries.  I’ve contacted the company and am awaiting a reply to see if it has a spot for an AC adapter.

It is listed on Amazon, other online retailers and is available at many upscale baby stores.  Retail price is usually $24.99

The company is sending me one to test and review, so I’ll post an update after I’ve tried it out for a while!


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