More changes

As the mom of a child with “special needs” (that is such an understatement sometimes, isn’t it?!)  who is fed blended meals via g-tube for medical reasons (except of course that sensory processing disorder is NOT an accepted diagnosis),  change is a constant!  Fortunately, I’m good with change.  I kind of like it.  Otherwise I get bored.

Last week was a trip to “Grammy’s” house in Wisconsin.  With her tiny fridge we don’t have the luxury of taking pre-made blended meals with us. This time we took 2 days worth of frozen blended meals with us and our trusty VitaMix blender.  One of the things I did while there, which has been an exploration all summer, is give her a chance to get really hungry.  This worked rather well, as she actually ate a pizza lunchable twice each day, or hot dogs.  Not the best nutrition or enough calories, but the fact that she was eating twice a day, every day was really fun!  So I only had to feed her blended meals twice a day which was a bit of a break for me.  I haven’t checked her weight yet, but her clothes are fitting just the same.  She has continued to eat more, self-feeding, since we came home.

The other thing I tried was a slightly different egg recipe.  I made 6 hard-boiled eggs, threw them in the blender with some water, a large bunch of spinach and too many almonds. What is too many almonds, you ask?  Well, more than 10.  I was really trying to give her a calorie bump, but I think it was just too “rich” for her.  She felt sick for a couple hours after I fed her.  So perhaps the lesson is too-many-nuts-might-make-you-sick.  Sorta like if I eat too much fiber maybe.

Enjoy the last of summer!


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