More Traveling

I am getting ready for a short trip to my Mom’s.  She has a wonderful house but her refrigerator is tiny.  As I travel with my special needs child, different situations call for different plans.  Blending meals to feed her via g-tube has worked out very well for us.  Sometimes transporting that food is a challenge!  In this case, transporting isn’t a problem, storing it once we get there is the problem.

This time, I will take all my usual equipment, but NOT the week’s worth of food.  I will take two days worth of food with me and my trusty Vita-Mix blender!  I’ll make food each day while I’m there in order to have enough space to store it in my mum’s refrigerator.  I’ll definitely use some of my easier recipes, like an egg meal.  I will take along my food press and some ramen because blending pasta doesn’t work so well.

And of course, we’ll buy her favorite foods to eat while we are there: Ramen, pizza, hot dogs, and black olives.  Can you say SALTY??


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