Doctors and Blended Meals

Feeding via g-tube for medical reasons requires oversight by a physician.  The only way to obtain the necessary supplies is via prescription.  The durable medical goods (tubes, syringes, pumps, etc.) supplier needs a prescription in order to send the necessary equipment to you.

That being said, what food you give through the g-tube does NOT require permission from a physician.  THE EXCEPTION to this is various medical conditions that restrict a person’s diet, for example diabetes, PKU, metabolic disorders, etc.

How old is your child/parent/self that is being fed via g-tube?  Think of what a person that age normally eats…. For instance, two – five year olds can be pretty fussy about what they eat.  Very often nothing green! Grilled-cheese sammies, peanut butter on crackers, apples, carrots, fruit snacks, am I right?

The point is that you don’t have to create absolutely perfect nutrition to feed someone via g-tube.  The recipes aren’t as important as just seeking to feed healthy foods.  When calories are a big concern  then calculating the calories is important.  Multi-vitamins are important.  There are many supplements that are essential in our diet that may not be found in our foods, such as iodine.

When you want to switch from “formula” to blended meals, you do not have to get your physician’s permission.  You can just do it.

If you want to discuss it with your physician, go ahead.  If they balk at the idea, ask about the biggest cautions/concerns.  You should receive important information in response.  If it is vague and evasive, then ask if there are specific health concerns related to diet for your particular situation.  Continue to maturely ask questions to get to the bottom of your doctor’s concerns so that you know what they are.

Some doctors are only concerned about contamination. This means washing the tubes, syringes and blenders well. Every time.

The bottom line is this: if you switch to blended meals you will be able to verify the effect of them in your situation.  The weight, health, vibrance, and other things you will notice will be your evidence.

Having fed my daughter blended meals for years now, the doctors at the hospital are quick to say, “Don’t change a thing. She is doing well.”   That is their reaction NOW, but they wanted me to keep her on formula back “then”.


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