Dinner Recipe for G-Tube.

Well, tonight I made a recipe that I threw together on the fly – I do this quite often and usually get good reviews (because I already know what the men in my fam like to eat, you see).  Tonight was not like that.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, of course.  Whilst anyone who knows me would say that I am EXPRESSIVE, my husband is most definitely NOT.  So if he doesn’t go for the bread and peanut butter, I figure it must be a good meal.  On a rare day I will hear, “This is good.”

Something told me when I made this pork tenderloin stir fry with onions and broccoli, honey and korean pepper sauce that it was no use serving it as leftovers.  So into the blender it went, with loads of baby spinach and some walnuts.  Voile’!  That was it!  I was a wee bit concerned about the calorie count, but I added in a bunch of walnuts and that makes a big difference!  If you want the actual calorie count let me know and I’ll figure it out!

Sometimes we just have to use what we have, right?  And not wasting leftovers is a GREAT way to save money (and guilt).

Have a GREAT day!


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