When feeding someone via g-tube for medical reasons, it is good to review all ingredients and processes to make sure we are doing the best we can.

A few months ago, as I looked at the water reports for our area, I decided to invest in a water purifier.  We’ve all read the articles that say bottled water is typically no better than tap water.  I’ve been using tap water for a long time as the liquid in my daughter’s blended meals.  I haven’t seen any problems as a result of this so I believe it would be okay to continue that. Okay, but maybe not great.

However: I detest the taste of our tap water!

We have very hard water in our area – I can tell because my skin squeaks after I shower (soap left on the skin I hear). I don’t have a water softener, I don’t want the expense and I’m not comfortable with all that salt in the water, whether that has any basis in fact or not.

Nor do I want the expense of a whole-house water filtration system.  I don’t like the pitcher with a built-in filter because it limits the quantity of filtered water I can have available at a given time.

Instead, I bought this:

A Pur faucet- mounted water filter system. I like it very much. I don’t have to use filtered water to wash dishes or anything else where I don’t think it matters because there is a black switch on the right side that turns the filter on and off.

The  company says that the filter removes 99.9% of of lead and microbial cysts from the water and many other contaminants like 99% of pharmaceuticals. It also reduces asbestos, benzene and the by-products of water purification. That makes me feel much better.

Additionally, the one shown swivels 360 degrees for ease of faucet use – and it can be removed easily without any tools, but never comes off accidentally.

I like the taste of this water.  I like knowing my family isn’t drinking stuff that doesn’t need to be in the water. I like knowing that my daughter isn’t getting stuff from the water that is not good for her.  I work too hard to keep her healthy to give her what I consider contaminated water.


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