Say ahhhhhh.

Our little girl does NOT like to have her teeth brushed. We have tried numerous toothbrushes – Hanna Montana, Cars… everything she likes – to no avail. Instead she uses a little baby Nuk toothbrush that has no bristles, but instead a set of little rubber projections. After that I brush her teeth – against her will. The rest of us use those battery operated toothbrushes that create the humming sound we’ve all grown to love. There is not a chance we could use one of those on her teeth!

Today I heard my girlie-girl singing – sort of – in the bathroom.  Not the usual place for her to sing.  I peeked around the corner and saw her reflection in the mirror – brushing her teeth and saying “ahhhhhhh” at the same time.  I chuckled as I realized – she was duplicating the sound of a vibrating toothbrush!!!!

pretty darn cute!


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