When feeding via g-tube for medical reasons, formula is always an option.  However, I’ve chosen to blend real food and feed it to my daughter for the last 10 years.  Her health and mental state have only benefitted!

I recently received an email asking why none of my recipes include potatoes.  When blended, potatoes release a lot of starch which causes a glue-y-ness.  I have found that short of an unblended piece of food, nothing is harder to push through that tiny hole in the g-tube than “glue” food.  Potatoes, rice, pasta are other culprits of the glue-effect.

I haven’t tried a food mill yet because I do not have one.  But if a food mill eliminates tiny pieces from escaping, that would make potatoes work in the food – it is the blending that releases all the starch.  If the food milled potatoes were then stirred into the rest of the recipe, it should work quite well.

Anyone with a food mill want to try this and report back?


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