Something good to add to your recipes….

When it comes to making blended meals for people fed via g-tube, there are SO many options!

Just recently I started adding wheat germ instead of bulgur as a source of grain and enzymes.  Here are a couple benefits:  NO COOKING!!  I keep it in the freezer and throw 2 tablespoons into the blender… voile’!  Other benefits – good source of Vitamin E and Folate – both key nutrients for developing bodies! Everything that helps strengthen immune systems is especially good at this time of year for us – although Little Miss rarely gets sick with colds and flu, she has already had a fever this fall.  So I am all about keeping her healthy with food whenever possible!

The beans I gave her in a recent blender recipe worked just fine – no gas problems.  This was a regular recipe of mine with leftover chili added – probably only 30 beans in the whole blender.

Now I am experimenting with edamame in a recipe – with turkey and other normal foods I use.  There are some nice benefits to edamame (soy beans), so I’ll let you know how it goes!


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