I’m Sorry!!!

Oh goofy me!  I neglected to renew my domain name and my blog dropped out of the blogosphere.  So if you’ve been visiting me at PEDALINGBACKWARDS.COM, welcome back!!!  If you’ve been reading my postings all this time at http://www.my1spot.wordpress.com then you haven’t noticed my goof.  BUT now you know about it.

Sorry for the confusion!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry!!!

  1. Awesome tips! thank you so much! I have a 4 year old son with special needs. He is in a wheelchair and isn’t able to feed himself. At school, they’ve started a self-feed program. We shall see…….but he did just start weight-bearing and even sitting up for a whole minute. Wow, the progress comes out of nowhere sometimes! I love it. Nice to meet you!

    Love, Bree

    • Hi Bree,
      Thanks for visiting my blog – you are SO right! The progress does come out of nowhere sometimes! One of the things I appreciate about the school environment is that they haven’t experienced what I have with my child. They don’t carry with them all the hospitalizations, pain, struggles, history of “can’t”. So they encourage my child to do things I would be hesitant (afraid) to try. And then she does them! I love it too. Be hopeful – you never know what the path ahead will truly be! Lynn

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