Leftovers and g-tube feedings

I feed my 12 year old daughter with special needs via a g-tube and I blend her food myself. Two nights ago I made dinner for my family.  The guys rushed home only in time to leave for another event.  So there I sat with turkey/black bean chili burgers and salsa.  I knew they wouldn’t want it re-warmed later.  So into the blender it went.  Black beans, ground turkey, spices, avocado, a bit of cheddar cheese.  I added lots of spinach, some water and blended.  It turned out quite well.  A nice thickness for bolus feeds, and it smelled good too!

Beans are economical, nutritious and high in protein (and fiber) and yet I have hesitated to feed them to Little Miss.  Mixing them with ground meat keeps them from dominating the recipe and causing lots of gas.  Variety helps reduce the likelihood of food allergies and helps facilitate complete nutrition.

Using leftovers helps us eliminate waste, thereby saving money for us.  Raising children with special needs, or having someone in our family who requires g-tube feedings means we have extra expenses to deal with.  Using leftovers helps!



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