Another Clog Solution

Hey!  As the mother of a g-tube fed kid, I am always happy to find something that helps in the whole process.  Maybe this will help you:

Clogs are inevitable, in my opinion. Depending on meat quality we buy there is more or less gristle in the mix.  The opening from the feeding extension tube is SO small that it disallows anything that is not completely pulverized. SO, we need as many de-clogging techniques as we can get our hands on!  Although this method has always worked for me, it is not always convenient as it requires water and a place to spray it.

I just found out about another technique from a school nurse.  When there is a small clog, close the clamp an inch or two from the output end of the extension tube.  Then sharply bend the tube between the clamp and the output end.  This will usually force any little piece out through the end of the tube.  Then you can even SEE what was clogging the tube (for some reason that is always gratifying to me!)

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(I have also found that the cheapest ground beef has lots of gristle in it and I stay away from that, buying the 85/15 ground beef instead.)


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