Contamination?!?!?! puhleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz…

diagram of a human digestive system

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I am angry today – sorry but it is true!!!  In the journey of parenting a child with special needs, we run into the very educated, very helpful (usually), very necessary medical profession that sometimes believes we are all incompetent.  That infuriates me!

I have heard from more than one parent whose doctors have discouraged blended meals for their g-tube fed child because of the risk of CONTAMINATION.  This translates roughly to “I am shocked that you are all still alive, because certainly you do not know how to keep your kitchen clean and throw out food that is past its safe consumption.”

The digestive system is not at all like the vascular system in that it is not sterile!  You don’t have to sterilize your food before eating it, right? You do not have to sterilize your silverware or plates or glasses.  On the contrary, IVs have to be sterile, surgery has to be sterile, etc.

Yes, be diligent about cleaning your blender, the containers, the tubes and syringes.  Do not blend food that is questionable in terms of whether it has spoiled.  You know that.  Go to a store and find the best tools for making sure your blender is clean.  Use hot soapy water for your extension tubes and syringes. Even throw a little bleach in there if you like. Store them in a clean place.  I routinely clean my sink with a hot soapy water/bleach solution (the kitchen sink is one of the most germ ridden places in your house).

This is not rocket science.  You CAN do it!  Below is a link to information on food safety – related to picnics, but still applies!


2 thoughts on “Contamination?!?!?! puhleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz…

  1. Hello 🙂 I strongly agree 🙂 we’ve only recently switched to blender meals because my daughter has a potato intolerance and cannot tolerate the vitamins in formula. However, I’ve been told not to use soap on any of the syringes/tubing. Have you done it without issue? Thanks!

    • Without soap? Wow. How do you clean it then? Yes I have been using liquid dishwashing detergent on my daughter’s tubes and syringes and food containers for 8 years now without any problem whatsoever.

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