Magnesium and Calcium

I promised to report on the effects of epsom salts baths. As the parent of a child with special needs I am always looking for ways to improve her life, and thereby mine!

My daughter has a lot of sensory issues and they disrupt her sleep.  She has slept through the night less than a dozen times in 12 years! Two things have helped produce a change for her recently… I bought two body pillows for her bed. One for her head and the other for her to throw an arm and leg over.  These pillows are big, deeply fluffy, and cozy.  They are solid enough to hold up her leg so they take the place of sleeping next to Mom!  yeeha! They are so cushion-y that I would not allow her to use them if she still had seizures, because there would be an increased risk of suffocation.  However, it has been 8 years since her last seizure, so I believe we are in the clear.

The other change is epsom salts baths every other evening. Calcium and magnesium sulfate work best in the body TOGETHER.  They should occur at a 1:2 ratio of magnesium to calcium. However, Magnesium cannot be easily absorbed through the digestive tract but it CAN be readily absorbed through the skin!

I have noticed since starting the epsom salts baths that she is sleeping more calmly, more continuously, with less wake-ups and sometimes no wake-up at all!

She also seems more even-tempered, less prone to “meltdowns”.  Kids with sensory issues have lots of trouble with self-regulation.  When I review the previous post here on what happens in the body from proper magnesium and sulfate levels I wonder how many of us would benefit from regular epsom salts baths!!

I’m feeling a little cranky today… I think I’ll go take a bath. =D


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