Air Bubbles

Making blended meals for my daughter, who is fed by g-tube for medical reasons, incorporates LOTS of air into her meals.  This is detrimental in two ways:  she gets lots of gas, and air interferes with maximizing caloric intake.  As Little Miss gets bigger – she is now 12 and rides her new bike a few times a day – she needs more calories.

My uncle and grandfather were both bakers – very good bakers.  In fact, my uncle was the head pastry chef at the American Culinary Institute in New York for a while.  Before he left for that post, I did learn some things from him.

Air bubbles in cakes are bad as well.  Bakers will often tap (quite hard) a pan of cake batter on the countertop once or twice to get out any big air bubbles.  I have used this technique with our blended meals.  The difference is that very tiny air bubbles are more challenging to eliminate than big air bubbles. After blending a meal and pouring it into a container, I often refrigerate it immediately. Overnight in the refrigerator much of the incorporated air escapes the formula.

However, yesterday making smoothies for the family for breakfast, I wanted to feed Little Miss within an hour.  I tap, hard, the container on the countertop 10 times, once a minute or so, for 20 minutes.  This enables much of the air to escape.  I also tap the individual syringe several times to allow air bubbles to escape.

See all that air at the top? The syringe was completely full of blended food before I began tapping. I tap the upper end of the syringe (contrary to the picture above) on the edge of the countertop or cutting board and this produces good results in my experience.


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