Here’s a picture of her g-tube site.

She’s been asleep for a while so the sheets have wrinkled her tummy!  Her Mic-Key button, as you can see, is very close to her belly button.

That white horizontal scar above and perpendicular to the unfastened button “lid”  is from a resect of her original g-tube site. Little Miss had two problems after 2 years with her original g-tube.  Her stomach began to prolapse (protrude outside her body through the g-tube channel) and a tissue deterioration – skin and underlying muscle  – so  an elliptical section had to be removed.  For some reason her scars become very wide as they heal, and papery appearing.

The only remaining location for her g-tube was very, very low on her abdomen and her stomach had to be stretched down and sewn to the abdominal wall there to keep everything in place.  So her feeds go into the very bottom of her stomach.

Everything works well, so we are very grateful! As far as what caused the tissue deterioration, no-one knew.  I  think, rightly or wrongly, that it may have been at least partly due to my overuse of the steroid cream meant to keep the granulation tissue at bay.  So try that Milk of Magnesium!


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