another year, another IEP!

Yesterday was IEP-including-transition-to-junior-high planning day at Little Miss’s school.  As the mother of a child with multiple “disabilities” and “special needs,” IEPs are never something to attend without advance planning and meditation!  (Think breathing and relaxing.)  That being said, our IEPs have mostly gone quite well.  Yesterday was no exception to the in-general rule.

Still.  I have a fair amount of trepidation when I think of my wee girl transferring to junior high school.  There are something like 800 kids in the two grades of the neighborhood junior high.  Granted: she’ll be in adaptive P.E. and adaptive music and in a self-contained classroom for all academics. This is good – for her.  As much as I’ve  pushed for inclusion in the past, the disparity between her understanding and skills compared to the gen. ed. kids her age is too HUGE for her to benefit from inclusion.

So next year includes WALKING to and from school (with mom of course), a locker with either a key – if she can manage it – or a push button opening.  Gym class will only require throwing a t-shirt on over her clothes before heading to the gym – and she’ll go every day.  Structure, consistency, and repetition are the key to a happy girl!  Gym and music every day will make her life happier.  Plus, gym every day decreases needed physical therapy minutes, which I like.

What?!  I LIKE that?  Yes.  I do.  She is nearly 12.  She has limited VERY limited bilateral coordination.  No doing jumping jacks!  That isn’t going to change with more P.T. So I want her to have fun.  Exercise needs to be enjoyable in order to willingly participate.

And it seems to me, most of us need more exercise.  maybe if we picked enjoyable methods we’d all be healthier.  Which is probably why my treadmill gathers so much dust!  Maybe they’ll let me help in gym class.  hahahaha.


2 thoughts on “another year, another IEP!

  1. I am the mother of a tube fed child as well. We also have chosen to blend food for her instead of using formula. I think this is the best choice we have made for her. Thank you for sharing this, I think it is so important for parents to know that there are options out there for them

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting! I couldn’t agree with you more. It is so important as parents to know there are options. Some time ago I read that there is so much information available to doctors and they simply do not have time to read it all ( like the rest of us!) – the average specialist is supposedly 2 years behind in reading the latest developments within his specialty.
      We have to do our part!

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